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Born on July 24, 1983, in Palermo, Italy, Ivan Schirmenti took up photography at the age of 12, following in his father’s footsteps.

He was awarded his first prize in 2008, “Best Wedding Photographer”, thanks to his passion and to the experience acquired over the years. This prize was followed by a number of awards in both Italian and International contexts, for which his continuing need for innovation has played a key role

In 2019 he joined the Italy Team for the World Photography Championships (WPC).

In his photographies are all the feelings he captures: elegance, spontaneity, love, joy. Moved by his passion for weddings, Ivan has shot in Australia, Belgium, Germany and US, and became Master of Professional Photography in 2016.

Currently he is based in Palermo, although branch offices have been opened recently in Trapani, Italy (2010), and Frankfurt, Germany (2017).

Ivan Schirmenti di Studio fotografico Schirmenti
Franco Schirmenti di Studio fotografico Schirmenti

Franco Schirmenti

His passion for photography was born in 1975. From there he embarked on his path by opening his first studio in Palermo in 1980.

His career led him to shoot in various places, in Italy and abroad, becoming in 1994 "Master of Photography".

He has won numerous international contests and twice his photos are part of the KODAK calendar.

He is still active as a photographer with 3 open studios, one of which is abroad.

Portfolio Ivan Schirmenti

  • Owner Studio Fotografico Schirmenti Franchising
  • 1st place MPI Wedding 2021
  • 1st place “Best Wedding Photographer” 2008
  • Golden Medal “Photo Contest” (Dublin)
  • Master of Photography 2016
  • International referee “Magic Lens”
  • Ambassador “Up Your Wedding”
  • International referee EPA Association
  • Silver Medal “Word Photographic Cup” (WPC)
  • Ambassador “Nice One”
  • Member of “Italian National Photographer” 2020
  • Ambassador “Digital Service” 2018
Foto Wedding durante esterni

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