Thanks to my passion and many years of experience in the field of photography, I hold numerous workshops in Italy and abroad. I collaborated and I am Ambassador for Digital Service , Nice One and Up Your Wedding to transmit the love for photography to as many people as possible who want to learn and get involved, day by day, just like me!

Workshop Ivan Schirmenti per Digital Service Agrigento

Why workshop?

Because it is a method to deepen and explain to those who share our same passion unusual and in-depth techniques.

It is a way to learn and compare with other professionals in the sector. I have participated in numerous workshops, also as a Master and guest and one thing I can give for sure:

You never stop learning!

It is always rewarding and an honor to participate in workshops, to have the opportunity to improve and improve, to share ideas and thoughts on photography.
Workshop Ivan Schirmenti per Digital Service tecniche forografia
Spiegazione workshop a Napoli

When I am invited as a teacher, I always aim to convey all my knowledge to the full so that the listener can develop new ideas and you must always whet the interlocutor's artistic curiosity.

Comparison is essential!

It is the experience of others that allows new exchanges of ideas and therefore we somehow manage to raise the bar to improve more and more.

Never convince yourself that you have already arrived or that you are the best and have reached the maximum. There are no limits and if we have one we have to break it down.

Transmission of ideas, artistic innovation and 360-degree support.

Three fundamental principles when "you go out" to shoot all together because those who follow us must be assisted to have the maximum assimilation of the concepts explained above.

Spiegazione e dimostrazione scatto Ivan Schirmenti
Workshop Napoli spiegazione scatto

My workshops are based on the participant, that is, the latter is always at the center of the situation.

We always give a photographic identity during our sessions because without that, every photographer will never be able to differentiate himself from his competitor.

After the first day there will be the "Masterclass", where the participant is in first person in contact with the model / model to shoot. I will be there to observe every photographic movement of her.

Another topic addressed is the business and marketing strategies.

I'm talking about placements and negotiations which are the main foundations for starting a photographic business.

The image on the left shows the explanation during a Masterclass, in which the models are available to photographers.

Here we were simulating, during a shooting, poses and shots during a possible wedding.

As a type of session, the most requested are the workshops “one to one” where the photographer and I are in close contact for private lessons and to deepen the topics already listed above.

Regardless of your choice, at the end of the Masterclass or meeting, we will go to the field to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the theory and correct any errors.

In summary, my workshops make a photographer better through photographic identity and marketing.

Ivan Schirmenti dimostrazione ad altri fotografi

After workshop... Shooting!

The final result of our workshops and masterclasses which have weddings as their main theme